By Daniel Anthony Hawkins

I learned that the Internet can be really annoying at times. Like right now (3/21/17 10:23) I can’t get an Internet connection to do school on the computer. So at times the Internet can be really annoying. But on the other hand it can be really helpful.


Room to Breathe

by Tara M.

One of the biggest benefits that I’ve seen so far in our self-directed learning approach is the rise in doing things that really matter.

  • Reading books aloud to all the kids
  • Visiting grandparents
  • Dropping everything to help someone in need
  • Spending time in quiet solitude just to think
  • Having meaningful conversations
  • Enjoying each other’s company
  • Volunteering at our church
  • Having friends come over

And of course we are still learning a lot and working hard.  It’s just easier because we are giving each other room to breathe.


Build a bear

By Ava J

My build a bear is a girl she is pink & I have 3 bears 2 are pink 1 is a lot of colors & they are so cute I love them all & you can go to build a bear and get close I like it 🙂

My sisters

By Daniel Anthony Hawkins

I love my sisters they are fun,nice,silly,funny,unique,and most of all my life. I mean it if I lost my sisters I don’t know what I’d do with my self. Well 1. I might hide in my room and cry. 2. I might not ever smile again. 3. I might need a psychiatrist to help me through depression. So I think you get the point. I love my sisters and thats that.

Babies, books, and barn wood

by Tara M.

What we are learning: youngest to oldest.

Mia has been working on expressing her feelings in a way that people will listen and respond to positively.  (That’s the fancy way to say she’s learning that whining doesn’t get her what she wants.)  She has also been having fun putting stories together on a new iPhone app that I found called Toontastic.  She choses the characters, the plot, the scenery, Continue reading “Babies, books, and barn wood”

Lock book

By Ava J.

I got a book that has a lock on it the lock broke somehow so we had to break it I got a new lock for it. The book has a owl on it with a pink bow on the head I like it. I am not typing what it says in side.

I am a Rockstar

by Mia R.

I am a rockstar

You’re gonna hear me roar

I travel near and far

You never know that it’s comin’

I go to Canada, I go to Africa, I go to Asia, and Alaska

I go to the South Pole, to the North Pole

I go to North and South America

But most of all I love home

Code Breakers

by Tara M.

One fun thing we have been doing lately is learning to break codes.  The kids have written each other some coded messages.  I have written coded messages on our family chalkboard.  Most have been alphanumeric codes, but yesterday I found a symbol code in a book I was reading about emergent readers and writers.  The book calls it the Confusabet.

I’ve written a few messages with the Confusabet already.  I think it would be fun if we all got so good at using this code that we could read and write secret notes to each other without looking at the alphabet key.

The fun thing is that Continue reading “Code Breakers”


by Ava J.

My Mamaw came a few days ago and she taught me how to knit with my fingers.

I made three I think I am good my mom is so good.

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