We are a family of five living and learning together.  As we do this our education may look like one big social experiment.  Really we are just continuously trying to find what works for our family with our varying personalities, styles, and even limitations.  We don’t jump to accept the mainstream mantra of what life and education should look like.  Although it is very tempting to fall back on the tried and “true.”

This blog is co-authored by four of our family members:  Tara (a.k.a. Mom), Daniel (13), Ava (11), and Mia (7).  The names are pseudonyms for the purpose of this blog.  We had a lot of fun renaming each other!

The dad of the group is a bit too busy supporting this beautiful life we enjoy to stop and blog about his learning path.  But he totally does learn right along with us, mainly through DIY Youtube videos.

We are blogging to record our learning journey, and hopefully entertain and inspire others along the way.  If you happen to stop by for a while, we hope you enjoy our adventures in “Stealth Learning.”


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