Three lessons my kids are teaching me

by Tara M.

I’ve heard that a parent is their child’s first teacher, and especially for homeschoolers the title of teacher goes way beyond the first few years.  For me though, my kids are the ones that are teaching me things all the time.

Lesson 1:  Grace

When I watch my kids play with others, I am consistently amazed at how overlooking another’s weaknesses and quirks seems to just come naturally.  This unconditional acceptance is something that I would hope that I can learn to foster in my own life and heart.

Lesson 2:  Natural Consequences

Throwing things in the house will lead to broken windows.  Broken glass will lead to stitches.  Yelling will lead to more yelling.  Tears will lead to sympathetic hugs.  Genuine laughter will lead to more laughter.  Not all the consequences for our actions need to be handed down from the person in charge.

Lesson 3:  Individualized Learning

In my early years of homeschooling I felt that I had to do everything “by the book.”  I didn’t realize that if a curriculum or method wasn’t working I had the authority to switch things up.  My kids have become self-aware enough to be able to tell me what methods are working and which things are driving them crazy.  And when I can let go of my ideals enough to follow their instincts, the learning seems to just happen.


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