By Mia R.

Alzheimer’s is a very complicated disease where you can forget all thing’s.

So say if you had Alzheimer’s you’d forget something that someone just told you.  But you can get confused with Alzheimer’s because it’s kind of complicated.  But you can get frustrated too because if you ask someone over and over and they just say “You already asked me this.”  But if they don’t say that you’ll just stay happy.  Tell me in the comment section below if one of your relatives has Alzheimer’s.



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  1. Yes – I have a relative with Alzheimer’s. It is frustrating for everyone and so sad. My mom had a type of Alzheimer’s called Lewy Body Dementia – she had hallucinations, had a lot of trouble walking, and as it got worse forgot who we were – except dad – she always asked for Joe. She said really funny things sometimes because she was confused. We would just go along with her stories. That’s my experience – and hope the scientists and doctors come up with a cure soon.


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