Code Breakers

by Tara M.

One fun thing we have been doing lately is learning to break codes.  The kids have written each other some coded messages.  I have written coded messages on our family chalkboard.  Most have been alphanumeric codes, but yesterday I found a symbol code in a book I was reading about emergent readers and writers.  The book calls it the Confusabet.

I’ve written a few messages with the Confusabet already.  I think it would be fun if we all got so good at using this code that we could read and write secret notes to each other without looking at the alphabet key.

The fun thing is that there are unlimited ways we could create our own alphabet for writing cryptic messages.

Another thing we could do with this in the near future is work on understanding Morse Code.  I’ve always thought this would be a cool skill to have.  The kids and I already learned to tap out S.O.S. in Morse Code a few years ago.  (S.O.S. is …- – -…) I think we were reading Swiss Family Robinson at that time.

Eway avehay unfay ithway odescay!


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