Spark Place

By Daniel Anthony Hawkins

The Spark Place is this awesome 3D printing lab in Xenia, Ohio. I made two new friends today (5/1/17) Wyatt and I don’t know the other guy’s name. They were funny. I was there for two hours today. It was my first time there. I asked them to print me some fidget spinners.  I had so much fun there and I’m super excited because I get to go back on Thursday, May the fourth (aka Star Wars Day) to get the fidget spinners.


Three lessons my kids are teaching me

by Tara M.

I’ve heard that a parent is their child’s first teacher, and especially for homeschoolers the title of teacher goes way beyond the first few years.  For me though, my kids are the ones that are teaching me things all the time.

Lesson 1:  Grace

When I watch my kids play with others, I am consistently amazed at how overlooking another’s weaknesses and quirks seems to just come naturally.  This unconditional acceptance is something that I would hope that I can learn to foster in my own life and heart.

Lesson 2:  Natural Consequences

Throwing things in the house will lead to broken windows.  Broken glass will lead to stitches.  Yelling will lead to more yelling.  Tears will lead to sympathetic hugs.  Genuine laughter will lead to more laughter.  Not all the consequences for our actions need to be handed down from the person in charge.

Lesson 3:  Individualized Learning

In my early years of homeschooling I felt that I had to do everything “by the book.”  I didn’t realize that if a curriculum or method wasn’t working I had the authority to switch things up.  My kids have become self-aware enough to be able to tell me what methods are working and which things are driving them crazy.  And when I can let go of my ideals enough to follow their instincts, the learning seems to just happen.

3D Printing

By Daniel A. Hawkins

I have been making some stuff for 3D printing. 3D printing is pretty cool if you ever need something you can print it with a 3D printer and if someone ever needs something you can print it for them. So if you want (or already have) a 3D printer the standard price for a desk top printer is $150-$800. I have been doing so research for the last couple of days because I’m in the market for a 3D printer. So long story short 3D printing is THE FUTURE.


by Mia R.

I broke my high score with my bike.

Well, I don’t think you even know that I do a two-wheel bike.  I broke my high score on riding my nike in the front yard.  The number of high score that I got is 6 rounds around my front yard.  I’ve been working on it for… I think… six months or four months.  I don’t know.

So, please leave a comment below.  Or in the comment section.  That is it.  From me, Mia Rose.

Grammar is Fun! Apparently.

by Tara M.

Stealth learning success!  This morning we had some errands to run and dentist appointments.  I had recently found some used curriculum and math manipulatives, but hadn’t said anything about it to the kids.  They were just still in the car, where we keep many, many things for days/months at a time.

I was driving along listening to an audiobook, not realizing what the kids were up to.  It’s always kind of scary how well I can tune things out when they’re happening literally two feet from me.  Anyway, the girls were wanting me to help them check the work that they had done it a grammar workbook.  And my son was busy doing multiplication facts as fast as he could with the math “Wrap-Up” things I had found.  Amazing?  Yes!  But wait, there’s more!

They were doing these things because they wanted to, not because I had begged, pleaded, bribed, and coerced.  And guess what else.  They were having fun!  In fact, at one of the stops we had to make my middle daughter said, “Mom can I please do some more of that sentence stuff when we get back to the car?  That was fun!”

On top of all that… one daughter is working on learning to read sheet music.  The youngest is still diligently perfecting her bike riding.  And my son is staying busy mowing yards to save up enough money for a 3D Printer.  His goal is to make and sell the 3D printed objects that he has been hyper-focused on designing himself.

They are growing the skills they need to become the awesome people God created them to be, and I couldn’t be happier.

p.s.  My reluctant reader decided to start reading chapter books this week!  Never read a chapter book independently before and now four within a matter of days!  Wow!

Where we went

by Ava J.

I went to a zip line place. It was so fun. I went with teens because my cousin was in charge of the thing. I did get a little hurt. So did my brother. I got hurt on my finger. My brother got hurt on his leg. We went to a 3D printer lab. It was so fun. Did you know that people can make homes with 3D printers? I think it is cool. We went to my Aunt’s house. She has a new cow. She is so cute. Her name is Penny. We went to my cousin house. There are 2 boys & 2 girls. It is fun to play with them. My brother lost his glasses in the woods. We still can’t fined them.


by Tara M.

“You’re not allowed to experiment on people unless they agree.”

Add that to the list of things I never thought I would have to tell my kids!

Mia is very busy this morning conducting some sort of study.  She needs “Q-tips, hydrogen peroxide, and lots of test tubes.”  She is also going around to people and randomly wiping their face with (hopefully clean) Q-tips.  That’s about all I know so far, but it’s so fun to watch her hard at work discovering whatever it is that she is discovering.

Ava, understandably, did not consent to the Q-tip procedure.  Asking for consent… that’s a life lesson in itself.


By Daniel Anthony Hawkins

I love reading. My favorite kind of books are mystery, science-fiction, Christian-fiction and World War 2-fiction. One time my dad said “I think you’ve already read more books than me.” and he’s a lot older than me so thats saying something. One time I finished two twenty-one chapter books in one day. If you want to tell me about something cool you or one of your kids did sometime with a book just leave me a comment.


By Mia R.

Alzheimer’s is a very complicated disease where you can forget all thing’s.

So say if you had Alzheimer’s you’d forget something that someone just told you.  But you can get confused with Alzheimer’s because it’s kind of complicated.  But you can get frustrated too because if you ask someone over and over and they just say “You already asked me this.”  But if they don’t say that you’ll just stay happy.  Tell me in the comment section below if one of your relatives has Alzheimer’s.


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